Young Girl in Dublin Saves Mother’s Life

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Dialing 9-1-1 is something that we are taught right along with spelling our name and knowing our address. But in the case of an actual emergency, how do you know you won’t panic? Sometimes split seconds can make a huge difference.

In Dublin, Christy Tipps, age 10, did not hesitate. Immediately when she noticed that her mother needed emergency assistance, she knew exactly what to do. Christy was home on Valentine’s day with her mother when what started as a lovely day, took a turn for the worse. Her mother had fallen down and needed immediate medical assistance, but she couldn’t reach a phone to call an ambulance.

Thankfully, shortly after the fall Christy found her mom. Without hesitation she knew exactly what to do. “I was nervous but tried not to panic,” said Cristy. “I called 9-1-1 and tried to tell them as much as I could.” Christy had reported to the 9-1-1 dispatchers that her mother had fallen and that her legs were “not working.”

Listening back to the recording, Christy stayed extremely calm during the scary time. She answered all of the dispatcher’s questions about the emergency clearly. Because of her brave and responsible actions, the Dublin City Council and North Texas Council of Governments (NTCOG) gave recognition to her “heroic” call. NTCOG public educator and operations specialist, Nancy Dana, rewarded Christy with a medal, certificate of achievement and T-shirt. Because she did all the right things, and used her knowledge of 9-1-1 perfectly, Christy certainly is a young hero.

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Original Source: Stepenville Empire Tribune

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