Why Make an Inventory of Your Stephenville Home?

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92419672With the busy lives we lead, it is easy to not bother taking the time to create an inventory of your home. However, imagine the stress involved should the worst happen and you experience a fire, flood or theft, and you are left trying to list your precious possessions from memory.

Creating an inventory can be done simply with pen and paper, but a digital camera or camcorder makes for a more complete result. Taking a little time to read through insurance documents and dig out receipts can make the process very simple. Creating a full list of appliances, furniture, electrical items, rugs and collectables can make filing a claim in the event of an unfortunate incident far simpler, so it is worth taking the time on.

Once you’ve completed a detailed home inventory, ensure you compare the estimated values to your insurance policies to check it is adequate. Now is the time to assess if it needs to be adjusted. It is worth including serial numbers and brands and making sure you take pictures of specific items and complete rooms. These could be irrefutable proof should a dispute in claim occur.  With the technology now available, it is a simple process to walk between the rooms of your home and record video and narrative of item descriptions.

Once you have gone to the trouble of completing an inventory, it is important to store it with the photographs in a safe place. The inventory is useless if it is on the hard drive of your stolen computer or destroyed by a fire, but there are online services that allow you to store data. It is also a prudent idea to ensure receipts or appraisals are also stored off-site. In the event of an insurance claim, the more information and documentation you can provide, the smoother the claims process would be.

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