Why Is Your Stephenville Home Not Selling?

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Stephenville homeownersHas your Stephenville, Texas home been on the market for a while and you’re just not getting any bites? There are several factors that could be the culprit behind this, according to MSN Real Estate. Keep these aspects of selling your home in mind and consult a Stephenville area real estate professional to bring in potential home buyers.

  • The main reason a for a home not selling after an extended period of time being on the market is price. Of course you want to get the most money you can for your Stephenville home, but if your price it too high, buyers won’t be as likely to make an offer. Pricing a home too high can be because of many things. If you’re setting the price based on your financial needs from the transaction, what you feel your home is worth (not an actual appraisal) or the off-chance that a buyer will just have to have your home, your home selling venture will likely either take much longer than expected or fail altogether.
  • Also, appealing to home buyers is a necessity. Even if a person thinks their home is the belle of the ball, that doesn’t mean someone else will. Try making some improvements to ramp up your curb appeal. Also, make sure to clean and stage your home when showing it. If a potential home buyer comes by to see the place and it’s dirty and cluttered, they’re most likely not going to make an offer.
  • Lastly, it could be purely chance that your home isn’t selling. Less-than-favorable market conditions, job market swings and simply the time of year are all factors of selling your Stephenville, Texas home that are mostly out of your control. Selling your home in a market favorable to sellers at an appropriate price is going to get yield the best results from a home sale.

For assistance in selling your Stephenville home, get in touch with us. We have helped countless local home sellers with their real estate transactions and would love to help you sell your Stephenville home and transition into a new one.

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