What to Double-Check Before You Close on Your Stephenville Home

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Stephenville homeownersYou’ve done most of the work in the process of purchasing your Stephenville, Texas home. You’ve obtained your mortgage, done the inspections and seemingly double-checked everything along the way, but closing day is just around the corner. After all this work, you can just wait for closing day, right? That’s not always the case. Closing day glitches can cause a lot of headaches. Avoid them by double-checking these things and consulting the real estate professional you’re working with to make sure your affairs are in order.

  • A frustrating reality many homeowners face is realizing that the home was not quite as move-in ready as they had thought after closing on the property. Do another walk-through with an inspector or the agent you’re working with just to make sure. If you find something wrong with the home, you should open up some further negotiations so that you’re not overpaying for the home, according to realtor.com. A variety of different solutions between the buyer and seller can be worked out here, but you should let the agent you’re working with handle these negotiations to get the best deal.
  • Another thing you can do to prevent any hiccups in the transaction is double-checking all of your paperwork. Misspelled names and addresses seem like very menial things, but they can set back the closing of your home until you can get them remedied, which can sometimes take days. Make an appointment with your real estate attorney, if you are using one, to go over the contract and make sure there is no funny language and that all of the paperwork is in good order.
  • The bane of many home transactions is the cost associated with closing. Closing costs certainly add up, and personal checks are usually not permitted. Take extra precaution against any hitches in the process by getting a certified check or transferring the money for the closing costs to the appropriate party well in advance.

For more information and a guiding hand throughout the process of closing on your Stephenville, Texas home, give us a call.

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