What To Do Before Listing Your Stephenville Home

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Making the decision to sell your home may come from many different reasons. You might be moving up, you may be empty nesters so you’re downsizing, or you might have to move for work. Whatever the reason is, it’s not the easiest process. Here are a few things every seller should do prior to putting their home on the market.

  1. Organize your paperwork. As a homeowner you should already have a detailed list of all repairs to your home, updates and upgrades you have made. This information will help you agent know what should be included on the MLS. If you put on a new roof in 2010 and installed a new air conditioner in 2009 – this should all be included. These improvements are all great selling features because it’s one less thing the buyer will have to worry about. Also include your home warranty information because it will probably transfer with the title of the home.
  2. Start to de-clutter. Even before you officially put your house on the market, start the process of getting rid of all the stuff you don’t need. There is probably more of it than you even know. It will also ensure you’re not rushed at move time. Just start with one closet and work through the whole home. Make four groups – toss, keep, sell and donate. If you have the time, organizing a yard sale is a great way to make a little extra cash and reduce the amount of clutter. Less to pack!
  3. Time to deep clean. A dirty home is an immediate turn-off to buyers. Now that you have de-cluttered it’s a great time to wash the walls, touch up the paint and give the whole house a good scrubbing. Rent a carpet shampoo machine or hire professional carpet cleaners. Buyers will probably ask for this before they move in, so now you will be one-up on them.
  4. Have an inspection before their inspection. There is no rule saying that only buyers can have a home inspected. Having a pre-sale inspection can help you target problem areas that you didn’t even know about. Again you’re staying ahead of the buyer.

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