Unique Ideas for your Stephenville Spare Room

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Having a dedicated room for guests is great. Extra storage is nice too, but quite boring. Say, what are you doing with the spare room these days anyway? If you’re looking for a quick and fun do-it-yourself project for this fall, why not consider turning that spare room into something that can benefit your entire family year round?

If you’re looking for a place to relax, converting your spare room to a den or retreat room will make the stress just melt away. A den is a great choice for the spare room, for with a few modifications, it can be transformed into nearly anything you like.

Big readers can add a few bookcases, while the artistically inclined might add a stereo and surround sound system, a few amplifiers for a guitar, or a wooden painting easel. Even if you’re unwilling to get rid of the guest room, you can consolidate it to take up less space, freeing up the rest of the room for a few comfortable chairs and a coffee table. There are quite a few dresser desk combos, some even with a fold-out bed, that provide ample space for someone to spend the night without so much as intruding on the rest of the room.

Perhaps you’re a work-from-home parent that needs space to keep your business life out of your family life. Converting your spare room into a quiet office space will help you keep your affairs in order, as well as give you a relatively silent place to work and collect your thoughts. A basic soundproofing kit can be found on the internet, or picked up at a local hardware store for under $100, and can provide invaluable hours of peace and quiet. Inversely, if you just want to keep the kids occupied for a couple of hours, consider turning your extra space into a play room or game room for some family fun. The soundproofing kit is still recommended.

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