Top Tips to Survive Your Stephenville Home Kitchen Remodel

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Kitchen remodeling can be a great asset to your homeHomeowners considering the tempting prospect of having a newly remodelled home sometimes forget to take into consideration the inconvenience and stress a remodel can cause. A typical example of this is the kitchen, which is one of the most popular remodels.

First step in a kitchen remodel is that the room must be emptied. That means cabinets and countertops must be cleared of everything. This can be problematic as the contents of your kitchen are scattered all over your previously ordered home.

Timing is the key. Even at the best of times children on a school break can wear your patience, but during a remodel their presence underfoot will add another stress. Try to plan your remodel during the school year.

Consider finding alternative accommodation. If it is within your budget, stay in a motel for the duration of the remodel or some part of it. If your budget is limited, you may have family or friends you could stay with for the messiest part of the construction. Try to be close by, so you can be confident you can drop in and check on progress. Speak to your contractor if they plan to use any materials which would produce hazardous fumes and necessitate you to vacate the home.

If vacating the home is not an option, then consider setting up a temporary kitchen in a spare bedroom or family room. Setting up your microwave and a card table and chairs can ease the chaos; if possible, relocate your refrigerator. Paper plates, disposable cups and cutlery solve the problem of washing dishes.

It is important regardless of whether you stay or remain in the home to protect it from getting damaged. Even the most experienced contractors have been known to track mud onto a carpet or scratch a wood floor. Try to cover as many sensitive surfaces as possible before the remodel begins and ensure they remain covered. Pack up and store any breakables or valuables such as your television from the immediate area until the remodel is complete.

Trying to minimize these stresses will ensure that when the dust has settled, you can relax and enjoy your new kitchen. If you require any information about Stephenville homes or any Erath County homes, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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