Top Three Eco-Friendly Countertops

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Go for an eco-friendly countertopWhen considering a kitchen remodel, replacing countertops can become very expensive, but there is also an ecological cost to using non-sustainable materials such as quartz or granite. There are many alternatives, and here are the top three that make the compromise between being environmentally conscious, hardwearing and looking fantastic. 

Recycled Paper: It might seem like a strange concept to use recycled paper for a surface that has a requirement of being waterproof and durable, but when recycled paper fibers are bound with resin, the finished result is as hard as nails. This product is extremely cost effective, with prices starting from $30 per square foot and reduced labor costs.

This is a fairly new product, but three brands have immediately emerged as frontrunners. PaperStone is VOC- free, made from sustainable materials and meets certification requirements for the Forest Stewardship Council. EcoTop consists of post-consumer recycled paper, water based resins and renewable bamboo. Squak Mountain Stone has recycled glass and paper, reclaimed fly ash mixed with cement, with a finished product resembling limestone.

Reclaimed Wood: This is the ultimate recycling and with a little care and attention gives a beautiful finish. It will need to be resealed periodically with oil, as water damage can be problematic and it shouldn’t be used directly adjacent to a dishwasher or sink. With prices starting at $40 per square foot, you could have countertops made from oak, fir, old wine vats, barns or any reclaimed wood.

Recycled Glass: Countertops of recycled glass are more expensive and comparable in price to granite with prices starting at a minimum of $50 per square foot. However, the finished product is the perfect compromise between stunning looks and fantastic durability, you will find that recycled glass countertops are so tough you can directly set hot dishes on them without causing damage.

Vetrazzo makes a fantastic range of countertops that are made from 85% recycled glass, most of which comes from curbside programs of recycling. IceStone use 100% recycled glass with a cement substrate.

So when looking for your kitchen remodel, there is now a wide variety of choice to find your perfect compromise of cost, looks and eco-friendliness. If you would like any further information about showcasing your Stephenville homes or any Erath County homes, then please contact us, as we would be delighted to assist you with any questions or queries you may have.

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