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Have tools at your Stephenville homeEvery homeowner should be able to take care of small repairs around the home. In order to be able to complete any do-it-yourself repairs and projects, you will need the proper tools at your disposal. Following is a list of the ten standard tools that should be found in every homeowner’s tool box.

1. Screwdriver – Screwdrivers allow you to tighten or loosen handles and drawers around the home. Make sure to include both Phillips-head and flat-bladed versions in your repertoire.

2. Hammer – If you need help removing pesky nails around your walls, use a hammer to replace them with new ones.

3. Stud finder – Stud finders can be purchased for less than $20 and will help you hammer a nail into the perfect spot for a coat rack, TV mount or miscellaneous artwork.

4. Electric corded drill – A corded drill comes in handy around the house. You just need to plug it in and begin your repairs.

5. Pliers – You can use pliers to tighten loose bolts as well as loosen tight screws.

6. Tape measure – Always measure the perfect distance with a convenient tape measure. They are also available in pocket size so you can take them on the go.

7. Shop Vac – A Shop Vac is a powerful vacuum with many uses, including cleaning your door track, removing cobwebs from hard-to-reach places and cleaning your car.

8. Exacto knife – These knives will make a precise cut into almost any surface including boxes and roof tarp.

9. Chop saw – Chop saws have the ability to cut moulding, decks and replacement boards.

10. Level – Hang a frame at the perfect measure by using a level. A level can be used to make sure everything you hang is “leveled.”

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