Tips To Becoming a Successful Homeowner

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Own and Erath or Stephenville homeThere are a few basic facts that every prospective and longtime homeowner should know. Whether you are looking for homes in the Stephenville or Erath areas, take heed of these tips in order to become a successful homeowner.


1. Maintain a superior credit score by always paying your mortgage on time. If at any point you are struggling to pay your existing home loan, discuss the issue with your lender.

2. Make sure to inform yourself on what exactly your home payment covers. Most home payments usually includes payment of interest, estimated property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, as well as any homeowner’s association dues or private mortgage insurance.

3. Keep a healthy credit score in order to acquire a less expensive loan. A credit score under 620 will typically make it more expensive to obtain a loan.

4. Begin saving in order to have your down payment up front when obtaining a home.

5. If your credit score is low, consult with a financial advisor or credit counselor on how to go about improving it.

6. Find out which homes are in your price range by getting prequalified for a loan. A prequalification will allow you to estimate the loan amount and type that will work for you.

7. Make sure you let lenders know the type of home and price range you are willing to invest in a property. Condos and single family homes typically have vastly different rates and terms.

8. Always compare annual percentage (APR) rates when shopping around for a loan. The APR is the true total cost of your loan, stated as a yearly rate. This number also includes any additional fees you may have to pay.

9. Always consult your real estate agent for any negotiation strategies you may want to employ when shopping for a home.

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