Tips for Making an Offer on Your Potential Stephenville Home

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Stephenville home buyersYou’ve found the right house, have you? After going through the rigorous process of house hunting, shopping for a loan and getting pre-approved for a mortgage, you still have to make an offer on your potential Stephenville, Texas home. This can be a tricky process, but if you follow the tips below and make sure to have a qualified real estate professional at your side to guide you through the process, that new Stephenville home may be yours faster than you’d think.

  • Making an appropriate offer in your contract is single-handedly the most important part. If you offer too little, the home buyer might see you as just looking for a deal and not looking to make a serious commitment. On the flip side, if your offer is too high, you could end up paying too much money for the home. What is going to help you here is market research, according to See what homes have been selling for in the particular neighborhood of Stephenville you’re looking at, and use these numbers to establish an appropriate offer that’s consistent with area market trends.
  • Clarifying the terms of the offer is also important. Inspection clauses can be a great tool to include in your offer. It’s important to leave the offer open to negotiation pending an investigation to protect yourself from having to drop a pretty penny to make repairs. Also, make sure to include in the offer that you are pre-approved for a loan, just to ensure that they know you are serious and have the proper financial backing in place. If you haven’t gotten pre-approved yet, be sure to do so before you make your offer. Getting pre-approved also gives you a price floor and ceiling to determine if the house you settled on is really in your price range.

We would love to answer any questions you have about making an offer on a Stephenville, Texas home. We have assisted countless Stephenville home buyers and would love to assist you as well!

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Cindy Carrell is an amazing realtor!