Tips for Lowering Your Annual Erath County Insurance Premiums

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Erath county smoke alarmHomeowner’s insurance is a necessity, and has proven time and time again to be a positive investment in the long run. If you’re looking for ways to minimize the costs of your Erath County area home insurance, read on.

Install a Security System and Smoke Alarms

Typically, homeowners will receive a discount on their annual insurance premiums if they install a security system that is monitored by their local police station. Proof of the security system by way of a bill or contract is usually required in order for the insurance company to allow for the discount. Additionally, smoke alarms will also typically lower a homeowner’s annual premium.

Shop Around for Multiple Policy Discounts

Most insurance companies lure customers by offering discounts on several insurance policies, including home, auto and health. Investigate and see if your insurance company offers this kind of deal.

Take Construction Costs into Consideration

Most homeowners are unaware that when constructing an addition to a home, the materials used make all the difference. Many insurance companies will usually charge more to insure wood structures due to their high flammability, and less for steel and cement structures due to their ability to withstand most weather conditions.

Pay Your Mortgage

Insurance companies are more likely to lower premiums for homeowners that pay their mortgage early and on time due to the fact that if a home is directly owned by an individual, better care will be taken.

Compare Your Policies Annually

Always compare your current homeowner’s insurance policy to examine if there are any changes that have occurred that may lower your annual premiums.

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