Tips for Creating Your Stephenville Man Cave

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Stephenville real estateLet’s be honest—there are certain household amenities that only one person in the house really wants to have prominently displayed, and to be fair to one’s spouse and kids, it makes sense to set up your man cave in an area of your Stephenville home that both gives you the privacy you want and doesn’t take away from the more elegant family atmosphere you’ve created. And with football season right around the corner and summer weekends still providing free time, now is the perfect time to get started on this macho addition to your household. Here are a few tips:

1. Pick the right space and visualize how it could hold the components you want in your man cave. You’ll probably be going with a converted garage or a basement. Do these areas have bathrooms, or do you need to think about renovating for such additions?

2. What, exactly, are you going for with this area in your Stephenville home? The big-screen TV is a given, but is there a theme that you’re tying it all around? If you go with a pool table, think about trim and leather decor around the area that could complement the aesthetic of the pool table. Low-hanging stained-glass bar lamps are also very popular in these areas.

3. Do you want a fridge, kegerator, or both? Many avid home brewers love the luxury of having their own beer on tap in their man cave, in which case a kegerator is the way to go. Your friends will also love you for having this crafty addition when it comes time to watching the big game.

4. Maybe you’re more into bikes or weights than football or baseball. If so, adding a showcase stage for your classic Harley with track-lighting to reflect its finer points could be the perfect mood piece. And a workout bench with a weight station could be just what you need to stay buff.

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