Tips for Conducting Your Home’s Annual Maintenance Check

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Erath County maintenance checkSpring is here and it’s time to conduct your annual spring home maintenance check. If you’re an Erath County-area homeowner, check out the following list in order to conduct a thorough inspection of your home.


Start with the inside.

-Check if your air conditioning system is functioning, and if not, make sure to repair your unit before the hot summer months come in.


-Conduct a monthly inspection and replacement of your HVAC filter.


-Clean your clothes dryer vent and inspect your stove hood.


Move on to the outside.


-Hop on to the roof and make a note of any loose or damaged shingles.


-Make sure to inspect the flashing around the roof edges and replace them if need be.


-Repair any holes you might find and make sure to remove grime and debris from any nearby gutters.


-Check to see if your soffit boards are rotting, and if so, replace them as soon as possible in order to prevent rain from flowing into your home’s attic.


-Clean up and trim branches or shrubs that may give insects and other critters direct access to your home.


-Check to see if your windows and doors need recaulking. Also, make sure that the current caulking around your home’s walls is not moldy.


-Take a look at the exterior of your home and take a note of any areas that may need a retouching in terms of paint.


-Make sure that your home does not attain any excess moisture specifically from lawn-sprinkler heads that may be directed toward your home. Excess moisture can lead to flooded basements and moldy interiors.


If you are interested in learning additional information about the many homes and properties in the Erath County area, please feel free to contact us. We’d be excited to share with you all of the Erath County-area real estate opportunities available.



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