Tips for Checking Out Your New Neighborhood

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Stephenville neighborAre residents upkeeping their homes?

Homes that are taken care of give off the sign that the residents in the area are invested in their properties and care about home condition and maintenance. This is a sign of a good neighborhood due to the fact homes that are taken care of usually indicate a prosperous neighborhood that people want to stay in.


What is the population like?

Take note of the people in your prospective neighborhood. Are there children and are they outside? Are there firefighters and police officers in the local stations? Do the neighbors seem welcoming and inviting? These are all important factors to take into consideration.


What is the downtown area like?

Make sure to check out what the downtown area is like, and if one does not exist in the neighborhood, check out some of the local eateries to gauge a better vibe of the neighborhood.


What is the police report like?

Usually large towns and cities will have police reports available online, but if your new neighborhood is located in a small town, you will most likely need to request a crime log from your local police department. Make sure to get a copy of the report and see exactly what is going on in your prospective neighborhood.


What is the commute like?

The best way to figure out what your commute will consist of is to take a trip during rush hour. This is ideal during the morning and evening rush hours.


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