Tips for an Organized, Efficient Move

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Erath County homes1. Do not pack things that you are ultimately not going to use. Though this may seem like basic information, many new homeowners do not take it into consideration when moving and will immediately pack everything. It is recommended that when packing, you examine everything room by room and try to get rid of at least 20 percent of what you currently own.


2. After ridding yourself of unnecessary items, clean everything you are planning on packing. This will ensure that you do not take dust-riddled items into your new home.


3. Shop for a variety of boxes in order to accommodate what you are planning to pack. Make sure to buy an array of boxes from extra small to extra large. Additionally, do not forget to pack other moving essentials including tape dispensers, bubble wrap, permanent markers and packing paper.


4. Keep yourself organized during the moving process by developing a system. Try to schedule to pack and move everything from each room in your house every two to three days.


5. Make sure to wrap anything delicate yourself in order to prevent it from breaking during the move.


6. Keep a list of everything you have packed and make sure to label all your boxes. This process will make unpacking easier and will keep you organized throughout the move.


7. Though you may want to move everything yourself, sometimes it is easier to hire professionals to help with bigger items such as bulky furniture and other delicate items throughout your home.


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