Things You Should Know Before Buying a Fixer-Upper

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With the economy as it is, many potential home owners are trying to take advantage of every money-saving tip and tactic at their disposal. One of the most common ways to save a load of cash when purchasing a Stephenville home is to buy a property that could use some work. Commonly known as “Fixer-Uppers,” more and more thrifty home buyers have been turning to these neglected properties, as their price tags are almost always a lot lower than finished homes on the market. Often times, however, consumers end up paying more fixing up their new homes than they would have simply buying an already rehabilitated home. If you’re looking to pick up some Stephenville real estate that could use a little work, be sure to keep these few tips in mind when picking out your property.

It’s always important to know your limitations, and fixing up a derelict property is no exception. Home improvement shows might make rehabilitating a house look a snap, but don’t be fooled: things often turn out a lot more complicated than they appear at first glance.

Another smart thing to do before you get started is getting an appraisal on how much it would cost to bring the property up to your standards. Having a contractor do a preliminary walk through of the home will give you a solid number to work with, and might just uncover one or more critical issues lurking in the shadows. If any major reconstructions are necessary, make sure to check with local officials and factor in permit costs.

Speaking of major reconstructions, it might be advantageous to find a structural engineer to inspect the home before you buy so you can know for sure that you have unveiled any major issues with the construction of the home.

If you’re looking to fix-up a home this winter, don’t leave anything to chance. Carefully inspect any property you are genuinely interested in investing in before diving headfirst into a fixer-upper, and consult with professionals to make doubly sure you will come out of the arrangement in the green. Once you’re ready to make your move and find a fixer-upper in the Erath County area, contact us to get the ball rolling.

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