The Top Seven Remodel Tips for Your Stephenville Home

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paint brushes and blueprintsFor a lot of Stephenville homeowners considering a remodel, recouping some of the costs on resale is a huge factor. Reports using real estate agents’ feedback highlight that kitchen and bathroom remodelling jobs, along with family room and master bedrooms would give the greatest return if the house were sold within one year.

Creating a feeling of spaciousness and newness is the key. The kitchen, bedroom and certain other parts of the house are areas where people spend a lot of time. Experts say in most cases it is simply getting more value by adding more space. General maintenance jobs are excluded from this and the longer the time between the remodel and selling of the house, you can expect less value to be added.

We have compiled a list of the top seven remodels.

  • Remodelling Job
  • Approximate Cost
  • Value Recouped
  • Kitchen Remodel (minor)
  • $18,000
  • 85.2%
  • Wood Window Replacement
  • $11,000
  • 85.3%
  • Bathroom Remodel
  • $13,000
  • 84.9%
  • Vinyl Window Replacement
  • $10,000
  • 83.7%
  • Addition (two story)
  • $105,000
  • 83.2%
  • Kitchen Remodel (major)
  • $54,000
  • 80.4%
  • Bedroom Remodel (attic)
  • $44,000
  • 79.9%


Creating a more spacious home can add top value, when you have maximized the curb appeal of the property. The exterior of the home should create an impression on potential buyers to draw them inside and appreciate the remodelled kitchen or bathroom and new bedroom suite.

It is important to take into consideration your neighbourhood. If you are the only home on the block with a two-storey addition, it could potentially carry less value. However putting in a whole new kitchen stands would ensure your home sells quicker and for a better price against a comparable home with an older kitchen.

It is imperative to have quality work done, so make sure you ask family or friends to refer specialist and licensed contractors. In states that don’t have licensed contractors, be sure to choose one who has proof of insurance and strong ties to an association. Remember that the cheapest estimate is not necessarily the best.

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