The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Your Home

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Selling a home can be tricky ordeal at the best of times. Even professional sellers and agents sometimes have a hard time closing a deal, but the fact of the matter is, now is a great time to sell in Erath County. Here are a few “Do’s and Don’ts” to keep in mind if you’re thinking about listing your home this winter.

Do: Make your Erath County home accessible. 

Making your home accessible is the most important thing a seller can do when trying to find a buyer. Consider purchasing a lockbox for the front door. That way, your agent and the buyer can view your home whenever it is most convenient for the them, even if you’re not available.

Don’t: Make viewing your home a hassle. 

Often times, when a buyer is coming to view your home, they are also going to see two or three other homes in the same day. Check on the parking situation on your block, and have some clear directions handy in case they get lost. It’s the little things that help the most, and if it’s difficult for a buyer to visit your Erath County home, they’re liable to not visit it at all.

Do: Leave the house when a buyer comes to see the property. 

This may come as a bit of a surprise to some people, but buyers actually prefer when the seller is not around while they’re viewing a home. Leaving the house makes the buyer feel less pressured, and they might just stick around a little longer if they like it.

Don’t: Hard sell. 

One common mistake enthusiastic new home sellers make is trying to “hard sell.” Putting pressure on a buyer is the most fatal error a home seller can commit. You want the buyer to feel at ease and comfortable in your home, never pressured or anxious.

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“Eric & Jamie Hayden were great to work with. They are very responsive and know the area well. They have a great team around them that made the process of selling very easy. We were out of state during the sale and they went above and beyond to assist in coordinating with us. Definitely recommend!”