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One of the main attractions in Stephenville is the local museum, which is a unique collection of historic Stephenville real estate that will take you back in time and provide you with some insight into the roots of this historic city. When you visit the Stephenville Historical House Museum, you’ll see a vast collection of relics gathered from the community that includes an eclectic mix of items such as milk cans, dental tools, and dishes that all were used to run a homestead or office when Stephenville first emerged as a Texas community.

The collection of Stephenville homes on display are what makes the museum unique. The structures include a church and a log cabin, along with the Berry Cottage, which is the oldest house in Stephenville. Take note of its distinctive architecture that features a steeply pitched roof and narrow windows. All of these buildings are on display within a grassy field, which makes a visit to the museum a perfect family expedition since the kids can play outdoors.

Taking a trip to the museum will give you a new appreciation of the hard work Stephenville’s first settlers put into building the community. The spare accommodations in the log cabin showcase the rugged frontier lifestyle, and the carriage shop features a blacksmith shop that is authentic to its time and place in local history. Conveniently located just a few blocks from the county courthouse, the Stephenville Historical House museum is a must-see for history enthusiasts who would like a taste of Stephenville’s rich cultural heritage.

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