Stephenville’s Southwest Linen Service Fulfills Important Need

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Doing laundry is typically not a chore that people look forward too. There are so many steps – the washing, drying, folding and putting away – and then there is dealing with the shrinking or dyeing surprises you might find when you open the machine.

Yes, it is a daunting task, but just imagine if you had to do laundry for an entire hospital! This is where the locally owned and operated industrial laundry service Southwest Linen Service comes in. Owner Richard Marrs estimates that there are 300 other independent and privately owned textile linens services in the nation.

Marrs’ operation is definitely one of the most successful. The plant is constantly bustling with activity while providing top quality service for their customers. Both Central and North Texas hospitals have placed trust in this business to produce a top quality product.

The industry itself isn’t a very common one, although it’s definitely necessary. Marrs explains what exactly the industrial laundry industry does. “We provide a service that meets all the standards for processing medical linens as set down by Medicare, the Center for Disease Control and the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Hospitals.”

Because the equipment that is necessary to meet these standards is very expensive, it makes sense for most hospitals to outsource the job. “We have all the expertise here to hygienically process linens and make them acceptable for use in public hospitals,” said Marrs.

Southwest Linen Service has a deeply rooted history in Stephenville. Marrs’ father started in the business in 1948 for a large corporation and then purchased this company in 1977. After graduating from Tarleton, Marrs decided to continue the family business.

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Original Source: Stepenville Empire Tribune

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