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Stephenville real estateThis August, Stephenville is holding a waste collection event to discard of any difficult-to-dispose-of waste local citizens may have. This eco-friendly event is taking place at the Municipal Service Center in Stephenville, Texas on August 27, 2013. Come by and discard your waste materials!

Acceptable waste to bring includes the following: acids, aerosol cans, batteries, antifreeze, brake fluid, craft chemicals, degreasers, drain cleaners, fertilizer, herbicides, household chemicals, motor oil, paints and stains, pesticides, photo chemicals, pool chemicals, oil filters, solvents, varnishes and more.

Waste you should discard by some other means than this event include ammunition, explosives, propane bottles, medical waste and waste generated by businesses.

Why should one make an effort to dispose of this waste properly, one might ask? According to Organic Consumers, the acceptable waste listed above pollutes soil, air and groundwater. This puts harmful toxins out there that harm plants, animals and even people. Using many household cleaners that aren’t eco-friendly products can lower the quality of your indoor air and cause health problems. Some waste materials even have carcinogens in them that contribute to cancer. When chemicals and toxins from cleaners and other waste materials are buried at landfills, it can contaminate the groundwater which can affect or kill fish and other wildlife that rely on the groundwater.

Recycling your waste materials at Stephenville’s waste collection event in August doesn’t have to be the only contribution you make to the environment this fall. If you’re considering any renovations to your Stephenville, Texas home, using eco-friendly materials will help preserve the environment, as well as your home. Materials such as bamboo, in place of more rare hardwood floors, are not only beneficial for the environment, but significantly cheaper than woods that grow more sparsely. “Green” materials tend to last longer than conventional materials, as they are made more painstakingly to ensure the products are safe.

For ideas on how to make your Stephenville home’s renovations eco-friendly, or general real estate information, please contact us. We are experts in the area and can help you with your Stephenville, Texas real estate needs.

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