Stephenville Tech Company Expands Services

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Stephenville has come a long way since its roots as a small farming community, and although agriculture continues to be a major source of employment for Stephenville home owners, the technology sector in the local economy is becoming increasingly prominent. In fact, some of the biggest employers in Stephenville, other than Tarleton University, are tech-based companies that are relatively new to the area. Stephenville’s Nehring Technology has made significant expansions in both employment and its scope of services, and is expected to continue growing as it brings national attention to Stephenville residents.

Nehring Technology started as a five-person team in 2006 that provided break/fix services; now, it’s grown to serve more than sixty clients, and manages more than 500 endpoints. Nehring Technology then grew to serve clients in a wide range of industries including healthcare, legal, financial, insurance, nonprofit and the automotive sector.

Now, Nehring is looking to expand its services yet again with a foray into the mobile device management market. Nehring executives took note of the increased demand for technology that has mobile capabilities, and wanted to jump on the trend while its still relevant to consumers and businesses alike. As Nehring Technology continues to expand its scope of operations, it will make a significant impact on Stephenville home owners by boosting the local economy and bringing new residents to Erath County.

Stephenville real estate is conveniently located near major employers in Erath County that are expected to continue adding jobs to the local market. Please let us know if you’d like to find out more about Stephenville homes and the array of employment and business opportunities Stephenville has to offer.

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