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Keys to knowing a houseWhen looking through the brochures and documents for your Stephenville and Erath County homes, it can feel like they’re written in a different language. The terms or acronyms can be very unfamiliar and confusing, especially to first time buyers. Here is a simple explanation for the most common of these terms.

3B/2B – This refers to how many bedrooms and bathrooms. The definitions of a bedroom can vary but it usually has a window and closet. Full, three quarters and half baths refer to the equipment. Half baths or powder rooms have a toilet and sink, three quarters have a sink, toilet and shower and a full bath also has a bathtub.

Closing Costs – This is an umbrella term for a myriad of costs, which buyers and sellers incur when the sale closes. This can refer to finance-related commissions and fees, attorney costs, transfer taxes, etc.

CMA – A CMA report is a Comparative or Competitive Market Analysis. It compares houses similar to the property that were sold, are currently on the market or were on the market.

FDR– This refers to a formal dining room.

Fplc or FP – This is shorthand for a fireplace.

Gar– A garage (shouldn’t be confused with garden abbreviated to Gard).

HWF or Hdwd– Hard Wood Flooring.

Lo dues– This refers to home owner association dues being low; always compare this for yourself.

lsd pkg– Parking that is leased (may incur additional charges).

MLS– A MLS or Multiple Listing Service is a group who gathers, compiles and issues property information listed by real estate associates or brokers who are members. Usually they are local and membership is not open to the general public.

Pwdr rm –A powder room.

Title Insurance – A policy which protects an owner or lender’s interest from fraudulent or unexpected ownership claims, customarily paid for by the buyer.

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