Stephenville Homemakers Tips: Fall Fixit Frenzy

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The holiday season can be a hectic time for home owners and their families. While it’s understandable that you might get a little flustered during this time of year, you need not worry!  We’ve compiled a list of homemakers tips to help you deal with the holiday season
and keep your Stephenville home and garden looking tip top for the coming months!

Clean Gutters

With the trees shedding their autumn colors, gutter gunk can become a serious problem. Clear out excess leaves, twigs, and other debris before they clog your gutters and drainpipes. Obstructions in your gutters can cause backup, broken gutters and even interior water damage!

Have a Heating Checkup

If you haven’t already, schedule a professional service checkup of your heating system. Many Texas home owners neglect their heating system, allowing it to fall into disrepair and become massively inefficient.  Many companies run specials in the beginning of the Fall season before the demand peaks, so having your heating system tuned up might end up saving you hundreds of dollars in the long-run.

Read before you Seed

Before you do your seasonal gardening, get some expert advice about your lawns needs. Every lawn is different, and some products that work for your neighbor may not work for you. Do your homework to achieve the best results for you lawn.

Weed before you Seed

As tempting as it is to get all your fall gardening done in a few days, don’t save it all for one weekend. Weed control agents should be applied three weeks before initial seeding. If you miss your chance, you still have the option to apply anti-weed chemicals after the grass has had at least three mowings.

Inspect the Attic

Inspecting your attic for any breaches in insulation can cut down heating bills by up to 20%. If you’re not in a position to get your Attic re-insulated, or just don’t want to, you can always use some blankets and duct tape and hope for the best.

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