Stephenville Dad Takes Pride in Raising His Daughters

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Being a parent is probably one of the most difficult jobs in the world, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. Just ask Russel Thompson. He is the single dad of daughters Caitlin, eight, and Morgan, six. Their life is by no means boring and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Judging by these young ladies’ accomplishments at such a young age Russel must be doing something right. Both of the girls are A students and Caitlin in the accelerated reading program at her schools.

Thanks to Dad the girls have never been late to school and are very active in extra curricular activities. Their morning routine may be a little hectic at times, but Russel explains that constant schedule tweaking and regular help from his parents keeps the stress to a minimum.

Scheduling is key because he is a very active father who is not afraid to team up with his girls either. Two years ago Caitlin had requested that he coach her volleyball team. Then, because he was such an outstanding coach and role model for all the children, he came back the next year to coach the team per the request of teammates and parents.

Constant support from Russel’s parents is a key factor in this striving family’s dynamic. His mother is a tax preparer so she doesn’t work throughout the year and is happy to step in and sign the girls up for camps throughout the summer when they’re not in school. Russel’s father also steps in and will pick up the girls from school if need be.

Family is a core value that we in Stephenville don’t take for granted. Russel is doing an outstanding job raising his girls and instilling in them that same sense of pride in family.

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Original Source: Stepenville Empire Tribune

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