Spring Tips for Home Owners

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Erath County home tipsWith the spring season newly here, now is the perfect time to get started on planning your spring cleaning list. Significantly cut energy costs and get more efficient performance from the appliances, lights and exhaust fans in your Erath area homes by following these simple steps.

Dry your clothes faster by replacing the flexible hose found within your dryer with a smooth metal ducting that will increase the efficiency of airflow, reduce drying energy use as well as dry your clothes faster. Also make sure to always clear lint from your home’s clothes dryer exhaust hose.

Clean any residual dust from the vent located at the base of your refrigerator, as well as under the refrigerator and over any exposed coils in the back. Also take notice that there are no products blocking the fan vents located inside the refrigerator and freezer.

Clear your home’s air by cleaning any residual dust and grease found on your kitchen stove hood as well as exhaust fan. Also, make sure to dust fan blades and bathroom ceiling fan covers.

Save additional energy costs by plugging all your home electronics into an advanced power strip. This includes computers, gaming equipment, televisions, and any other electronics located in your home. An advanced power strip will save you money by automatically cutting power to any idle equipment you choose.

Use a bath fan to decrease any mildew found on your bathroom ceilings. Bath fans will ultimately increase ventilation and are typically very quiet and use only a small amount of electricity.

Make sure to clear any accessible exterior vents. This includes central heating systems, water heaters, clothes dryers, kitchen fan exhausts and bath fan exhausts. Clear the vents of any residual buildup or blockage consisting of leaves, lint, webs or dust.

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