Some Considerations of Putting Your Stephenville Home on the Market Yourself

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Much like other big projects, such as remodeling, selling your own home is a lot harder than it seems. Listing your house “For Sale By Owner,” or FSBO for short, may seem like a good idea for the family on a budget, but it often becomes more costly than it would be to simply hire an agent to help you, not to mention a lot more of an inconvenience to you.

According to a National Association of Realtors® survey, 10 percent of homes listed last year were for sale by owner. At first glance, 10 percent is a pretty sizable chunk of homes on the market. If one tenth of all homes listed last year were for sale by owner, it would seem that listing your house all on your own is a viable option. However, once you consider that nearly half of those families listing as FSBO already knew the person buying their home, and another half were selling their homes pre-furnished, the apparent viability of listing as for sale by owner diminishes considerably.

In fact, only approximately 23% of the survey’s participants said they would sell their next home without an agent, and there are quite a few reasons why. Selling a house is not for the faint of heart, and requires a lot of experience and know-how to get everything just right. Finding the right price for your Stephenville home takes research, and under- or over-pricing your home can lead to a long and arduous home selling process. Even if a home is properly priced and a buyer is found, there are still loads of legal documents and paperwork to go through before the transaction is complete.

If your family is contemplating listing your house as for sale by owner, take heed of the hard work and dedication it will take before the ordeal is finally over. You may still decide that FSBO is the best option, but if you’d rather work with a local agent who specializes in Stephenville real estate, we’re only a call or click away.

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