Smart Ways to Eco-Renovate for 2013: Part 2

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As you may have read before, Eco-Renovation is a fresh new trend that more and more Stephenville home owners are flocking to for the coming year. If not, don’t wait around: check out our first post for some smart ways to Eco-Renovate! And if you already read Part 1, keep reading, because we’re not done yet! There are still more environmentally aware methods to keep your home looking dapper as ever in 2013.

Eco-Renovation is a great way to cut costs on renovation projects in your home of course, but it’s not all about the short-term. There are a number of environmentally sound home improvements that can have a lasting effect on your monthly expenses and save tons of energy. When shopping for new appliances, try looking for the Energy Star logo tags, which give an accurate overview of the energy efficiency of the appliance. Refrigerators with built-in TVs may seem like a cool idea in your head but can cost a pretty penny and use a lot of energy, costing you more in the long run.

Another way to rack up some big time savings on your energy expenses is to properly insulate! Choosing a high quality insulation and having your entire home insulated by a professional cuts down on energy consumption by a massive amount. Proper insulation will keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer, allowing you to be a little more conservative with the thermostat and save you money year round!

It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamor of renovating or adding on to your home but home improvement projects are notorious for getting out of hand. Consider using some of these Eco-Renovation methods on your next project help keep your ambitious upgrades manageable while saving time, money and the environment!

If you’re looking for your own piece of Stephenville real estate to get in on the Eco-Renovating craze, feel free to drop us a line. Hayden Real Estate is here to help!

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