Smart Tips for Prospective Home Buyers

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Buying tips, Erath CountyFollowing are five smart tips for home buyers looking to purchase in the Erath County area.

1) Before making an offer on a home, make sure to get pre-approved for a mortgage.

When making an offer to purchase a home, your offer should contain the least amount of conditions as possible. This will give your offer a much higher chance of being accepted. Additionally, obtaining a pre-approval letter from your lender will inform the seller that you are set and ready to commit to the purchase.

2) Act on reason, not emotion.

Falling in love with a house may cause you to act on a whim and overpay. A bidding war for a home may also cause you to act on emotion and overpay for a home just to be able to say you won. It is smarter to act on reason when purchasing a home, rather than emotion.

3) Make sure to have enough money saved up to cover all closing costs.

Aside from having to pay for a down payment, there is also a long list of fees associated with closing costs that you will be responsible for paying for. Inquire to your lender and ask for a Good Faith Estimate of the loan-related fees you will be required to pay. Closing costs can typically add up to two to six percent of your home loan.

4) Try to make your move-in date and move out date coincide.

Make sure you avoid having to crash with friends or relatives because you had to move out of your old residence and cannot yet move into your new one.

5) Always conduct a home inspection.

Always include a home inspection in your offer to purchase a home. Make sure the seller is made aware of any problems that arise and is willing to fix any defects in the home.

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