Smart Gardening for Stephenville Home Owners

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The heat is on around the country, but especially here in Texas. Stephenville home owners know well the challenges of landscaping when the mercury begins to rise. The good news though is that not all plants require a lot of water, and some actually do quite well in warm climates. Drought-resistant plants will do your garden well, so let’s look at five plants that won’t drink you dry:

1. California Lilac: This shrub is good for a few reasons: it emits a lovely fragrance for your garden, and flowers that bloom in late winter/early spring range from white to purple. Best of all, California Lilacs grow best on dry, sloping land and they love well-drained soil. Just make sure you protect them from wind. or in front of any structure that protects them from wind.

2. Salvia, Heatwave Series: If there’s one place that knows heat, it’s Australia! And that’s exactly where these perennials were developed, specifically to withstand extreme weather. They bloom spring through fall in white, pink and salmon colors, and they’re a big help in attracting hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden.

3. Deer Grass: Perhaps one of the best ornamentals for desert landscapes, you’ll find Deer Grass in many desert gardens. It’s spiky, dependable, loves full sun, and after you’ve established your plants, you’ll only need to water them once every three weeks.

4. Tickweed: Bring a little sunshine into your Stephenville yard with these bright yellow perennials! There are more than 100 species that are long-blooming, and by and large, the plant is extremely low-maintenance.

5. Dusty Miller: To add a silver-gray hue in your garden, look for Dusty Miller. The low-growing perennial is a great ground cover and thrives in containers stuffed with annuals. Like the California Lilac, it prefers well-drained soil, so make sure you plant it in an area that drains well.

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