Should All the Wood Match in your Stephenville Home?

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Whether you’re moving into a new Stephenville home, or you’re thinking about refreshing your current furnishings, this question often comes up: does all of the wood need to match? With so many shades and types of wood out there, creating a uniform look across the architectural elements of your home and your furniture would be an expensive undertaking. It’s also overkill, in a lot of people’s’ opinion, and having the ability to mix different finishes of woods adds visual interest and a more warm and lived in look.

This goes for your entire home too. It won’t look weird at all if each room has a mismatched piece, so don’t feel like you need to go from room to room coordinating the furniture in each room as if it were a vignette in a museum. Aim to create an aesthetic for your home that looks as if it has evolved over time instead of going for a matchy-matchy look that gives away the fact that you purchased everything at once. Think about incorporating vintage pieces that you picked up at a swap meet or secondhand shop with new items.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the styles you choose should remain mostly similar. For example, mid-century modern mixed with a few older pieces is very complimentary. It doesn’t really matter if the wood grains or finishes vary slightly or tremendously; mix it up throughout your house and be confident in the pieces that you choose. If you picked them, you obviously had your eye on them for a reason, and style is one of those things where no two people will agree completely anyway.

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