Selling Your Stephenville Home? Make Sure to Clean These Problem Areas

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Stephenville homeownersGetting a home ready for sale can be quite the task. Patching the walls and moving all of your unnecessary furniture and personal belongings into storage or a new home aren’t easy—not even taking the paperwork and financial obligations into consideration. One thing that you might not have thought of when prepping your home for the market is to clean some key areas that many home sellers don’t think of. Follow these tips and consult your local real estate professional and you should be well on your way to selling your sparkling clean Stephenville, Texas home.

  • A mailbox covered in dirt and spiderwebs can be an eyesore for potential buyers looking at your Stephenville house. Clean it up with some cleaning solution diluted with warm water. Use an organic cleaning solution if being eco-friendly is important to you. Spray it off with a pressure washer if you have one; if not, a garden hose will suffice. Also, if the house numbers are looking a little dated, refinishing them is very simple. To refinish the house numbers on your mailbox or your porch, just sand them down, wipe them off and apply your paint or stain.
  • Another aspect of your home that can easily collect dirt and pollen is your front door. Use the same cleaning routine as for your mailbox, or update the door with a fresh coat of paint. Painting your front door can raise your curb appeal and become a focal point for potential buyers driving by.
  • An often-neglected part of a home is the underside of a microwave. If your microwave is mounted on the cabinet, it will likely have a filter on the bottom that you can clean with warm water. If it rests on top of the cabinet, move it and clean all of the residue and dust before moving it back.

For more tips on buying, selling, refinancing or getting the most out of your Stephenville, Texas home, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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