Second Impression Interiors in Stephenville Opens Consignment Shop

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For Jill Francis, owner of Second Impression Interiors, it took the experience of losing a job that she loved to create a new career that she is even more enthusiastic about.

Francis is a former schoolteacher, and after she was laid off from her previous job, she found herself at a crossroad. What was she going to do now? Francis decided to turn a negative into a positive and make a business out of something she was already very fond of doing.

Francis said, “At home, I redo things all of the time. I move furniture around all of the time. I repaint things; go to flea markets and garage sales. I’d buy old pieces that are junk to most people and redo them.” Consignment is also in her blood. Francis’ mother was on the cutting edge of consignment. She owned a hugely successful consignment store in Dallas and Francis used to work for her.

It took a trip visiting her son in New Mexico to open her eyes to the possibility of having her own consignment shop. She saw a need for her services, and decided to give it a try. “Many of us like to redo something, but then we get tired of it. But what are you going to do with it?”

Francis didn’t see the sense in people who have garage sales and end up practically giving away their items at a ridiculously low cost. Her store offers a place to take those items and get a much better price.

In her consignment shop everyone benefits. You bring in an item and it’s on display for 90 days. When it sells, the consigner gets 50% and Francis gets 50%. Now there’s a place in Stephenville where people can bring in items to sell, as well as pick up new and unique items for their own personal use.

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