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Erath county home insuranceAlways try to obtain a shorter-term mortgage

Whether it’s your first-time shopping around for a mortgage loan or you’re refinancing for your current Erath County home, always make sure to go for a shorter-term mortgage. Opting to pay off your mortgage in 15 years rather than 30 years will help secure a lower interest rate. The downside is that your mortgage payments will be higher, but if you are able to afford it, it is definitely a smart financial move.


Do away with your private mortgage insurance (PMI)

Private mortgage insurance is usually required by a mortgage lender when a home buyer is unable to put down 20 percent when they purchase a home. However, if you do find yourself having paid off 20 percent of your home later on, you will still be able to get rid of your PMI. Simply notify your mortgage lender via written notification and your PMI should be immediately canceled.


Research the best home insurance rate

Purchasing a home is a huge investment and you will want to have the proper insurance to help you if anything goes awry. Purchasing homeowners insurance that will protect you in case of flood , fire, theft and anything else that can occur to your home is always recommended.


Do it yourself and hire a contractor only when need be

If you’re looking to repair a small glitch in your roof or paint your kitchen, take it upon yourself and make it a do-it-yourself home improvement project. Not only will you save money but you will also get a sense of accomplishment from fixing your home yourself. There is always a need for contractors, however, especially when the job is a large one.


Bundle your cable, Internet and phone services

Save money and purchase your cable, phone and Internet services from the same provider.


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