Report: Dallas Foreclosure Rate Among Lowest Nationwide

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The North Texas real estate market has made significant strides toward recovery, and experts agree that a decrease in foreclosures is one of the most important signs of market stability. In some areas, foreclosure rates have increased as more homes hit the market as distressed properties after spending months in backlogged court systems. However, Dallas continues to see a decline in foreclosure rates across the board.

Stephenville home owners benefit from the strong housing market in North Texas because it is adding value to their homes. Prices of Stephenville homes are poised to increase, especially as more Dallas residents look to areas outside of the city to provide a lower cost of living.

The latest report issued by CoreLogic revealed that the Dallas foreclosure rate is among the lowest nationwide. In August, the foreclosure rate in Dallas declined for the fourth consecutive month this year, and experts indicate that this means the housing industry is finally making significant strides toward recovery in the metro Dallas area. CoreLogic reported that foreclosures accounted for just 1.4% of homes on the Dallas real estate market in August.

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