Remodeling to Sell: Floors

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Remodeling to sell is not an unfamiliar concept to most seasoned home owners. It’s not uncommon to see a prospective home seller doing some improvements before putting their Stephenville home on the market. Not only is it a smart idea to fix up your property so buyers find it more appealing, but you might also end up getting more money for it than you would have otherwise.

A popular and relatively easy aspect of your home to remodel before you sell is your floors. Naturally, out of everything in the house, floors get the most use and they take up the most real estate, making them most noticeable to prospective buyers. Replacing your floors with something stylish and functional will be a major boon when trying to sell your home. But one question remains: what kind of flooring should you use?

The answer at the moment is unanimously in favor of hardwood. Generally speaking, homes that have been fitted with new hardwood flooring sell faster than those with carpet. Hardwood in hallways, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens are very appealing to buyers and will help your home sell a lot faster and for more money.

Hardwood isn’t the “end all be all” for the entire house. Many buyers have shown that they prefer carpet in certain rooms of the home like bedrooms or basements. Hardwood also isn’t for everyone. If your home is generally cold or suffers from a drafty attic, the warmth and comfort provided by carpeting may a better choice.

Finding the right floors for your Stephenville home is important when you’re remodeling to sell. Doing it right can make the process a lot quicker and net you a bigger sum in the end, but picking the wrong floors might jeopardize your ability to sell.

After you’ve done your remodeling, give us a call for a free home analysis. We would love to work with you to list your Stephenville home for sale!

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