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Don't over invest on remodelingConsider the following top ten tips when deciding to remodel your home:

Tip 1. Compare the remodeling cost to the cost of moving.

Before deciding to move, which is an expensive endeavor in itself, research what enhancements you could improve upon with 8-10% of your home’s current value before you decide to move.

Tip 2. Design ahead of time.

Gain as much information as your can from friends and family with prior knowledge and remodeling experience.

Tip 3. Do not over-improve.

It is recommended to improve only small things at a time around your home. If you’re looking to quickly sell your home, remodel your kitchen or bath in order to return more than 100% of the cost at the sale of the home.

Tip 4. Do not restrict the time for the job.

Try to schedule your home’s remodeling job during the off-season when contractors do not have as many jobs to bid on. This will save you time and money.

Tip 5. Check your contractor’s credentials.

Is the contractor you hired licensed and insured? Make sure to inquire about these things and ask for references on other remodeling jobs they have worked on in the past.

Tip 6. Request an all-inclusive bid.

Try to get at least three different bids that detail every specification pertaining to the remodel.

Tip 7. Try doing some of the work yourself.

Consider taking on some of the remodel yourself in order to save funds.

Tip 8. Get a well-written contract.

Make sure the contract includes a timetable, payment schedule, warranties and a detailed description of the remodeling project.

Tip 9. Purchase building materials in advance.

Gather information about the type of materials you want and buy them ahead of time.

Tip 10. Finance with caution.

Make sure if you are financing your project to attain the lowest rate possible and a tax deductible interest.

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