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Erath county home insuranceInsuring your home can be quite costly, what with the prices of home insurance plans rising significantly in the recent years. However, there are several ways to keep your rates reasonable by re-examining your policy. Below are a few suggestions for homeowners looking to save on their home insurance policies.


—Make sure to inform yourself of your options and shop for the best deal around. Check to see if your state department of insurance has price comparisons on hand and make sure to get at least three quotes. Be sure to also look at a company’s customer service department and whether they will be reliable and able to answer all your questions.

—Raise your deductible in order to pay less of a premium.

—Many companies will reduce your premium significantly if you have at least two policies from them. Try to obtain your vehicle and home insurance from the same insurance company.

—Disaster-proof your home in order to reduce your odds of being affected by a natural disaster. Add shatter-proof glass and storm shutters, and even replace your roof in order to make your home more resistant to disasters. Update your electrical, plumbing and heating systems in an older home in order to decrease the risk of fire and water damage.

—Many insurance companies will offer a discount for securing your home by installing burglar alarms, smoke detectors, dead bolt locks, a sprinkler system and other monitoring stations.

—Ask your insurance company if they are offering any discount or rebate programs such as discounts offered to individuals 55 and over.

—Inquire about any group coverage that may be offered. Group coverage plans are typically offered through a professional or business group, and even your employer. Check to see if they will offer a better rate that what you currently have.

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