Reasons to Go Green In Your Stephenville Home

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There are so many reasons why going green is a good thing. Obviously it’s good to help the environment. It’s also nice to not pay as much on your monthly energy bills, and even better to reduce your federal tax load. Here are a few green options to consider in your home:

  1. Biomass stoves. These stoves burn biomass fuel like agricultural crops and trees, wood and wood waste and residues, plants, grasses, residues and fibers. By using these stoves you can take up to a $300 tax credit if the thermal efficiency rating is at least 75%.
  2. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These system upgrades can count for a $50 tax credit when no more than 2% of a furnace’s total energy is used.
  3. Insulation. Adding good insulation can be one of the most efficient ways to get money back on your investment. You can take a tax credit of 10% of the cost, up to $500. Most bulk insulation product qualify, such as batts, rolls, blow-in fibers, rigid boards, expanding spray and pour-in-place.
  4. Water heaters. These can make up 14% – 25% of the total energy consumed in your home. Going tankless can be a huge savings. If you qualify, the tax credit can be up to $300.
  5. Energy Star qualified windows and doors. You can take a credit of 10% of the cost, saving you up to $500.
  6. Air source heat pump. These offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners, if the climate isn’t too extreme. Heat pumps use electricity to move heat from a cool space to a warm one. They are moving heat rather than generating it. Heat pumps can provide up to four times the amount of energy they consume.

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