Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Every Homeowner

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Erath County plumbingEvery Erath County-area homeowner should take the following plumbing and maintenance tips into consideration when assessing their home plumbing needs.


  • Do not use a liquid drain cleaner to clear a drain as many plumbing companies will wait 24 to 48 hours before clearing a drain. This is mostly to allow the acid from the drain cleaner to disappear. If you have a clogged drain, first try to clear it with a plunger or a plumbing snake.


  • Keep chlorine tablets away from your toilet tank as they will corrode the rubber located inside the tank and cause it to leak.


  • Loosen the packing nut behind a toilet handle or faucet shut-off valve that will not move. This will allow for additional movement.


  • Make sure to disconnect your garden hose in the winter to prevent any weather-related damages. This can include freeze damage to the frost-proof hose bib.


  • If your washing machine contains a rubber hose, replace it with a stainless braided hose. It is much more efficient and is less likely to burst.


  • A quick, cheap, easy way to get rid of lime deposits that accumulate on showerheads and faucets is to use white vinegar. This will dissolve the deposits and leave you with a clean showerhead or faucet.


  • If your sump pump appears to not be working, make sure that the appropriate plugs are plugged in. Many homeowners are not aware that when it comes to sump pumps, one plug is for the pump and the other one is for the switch.


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