Outside-the-Box Ideas for Selling Your Erath County Home

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Erath County homesWith homes selling at a premium these days and diverse selling strategies being employed, Erath County homeowners are looking for all the ways possible to make their home stick out amongst the crowd. This includes tech-savvy and incentivizing ideas, a few of which you can find below.

1. QR Code Your “For Sale” Sign: Quick Response codes are those maze-like black and white squares that you see all over publications that you can use your phone to scan and thus gather information. Well guess what? Not only do they work in magazines, but they also can be put on your Erath County home’s “For Sale” sign. This way, if a passerby stops to take a look at your house, they can simply walk up to your sign and swipe their phone over it and end up with a link to your home’s listing. Not only will they know all about your home right away outside of just its obvious curb appeal, but that link will be stored in their phone’s memory, making it likely that they’ll look at it again.

2. Host a Home Sale Raffle: If you have a beautiful Erath County home for sale, the main idea is to get people in the door so they can see how desirable it is, right? What better way to do that than to incentivize them through a raffle, which you can do by letting every visitor fill out a ticket when they come to see your home. It’s better to plan the raffle to end on a set date with notifications to be sent to the winners, rather than doing an open-house raffle, which could just be chaotic. As for the winners, consider items like an iPod, gift certificates to local restaurants and home appliance stores, and tickets to sporting events. And one last tip: include a QR code on the receipt they get for their ticket.

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