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When you’re on the road to happiness, one way to derail that train quickly is to walk into your messy home office. Fortunately, you can get the organizational train back on the tracks, and on the cheap! Jump in the car and head for the local dollar store to pick-up some of these clever solutions that will have your Stephenville home office looking great in a hurry. These ideas work especially well if you’re dealing with a small office space, or even if you have a workspace in your kitchen that is visible to people who come over.

  • Do you use your desk as a wrapping station too? If so, use a metal paper towel holder to store spools of wrapping ribbon. This will cut down on the amount of time you spend detangling the red from the white from the blue.
  •  A kitchen towel can be a great place to organize your scissors and other tools. Not following? All you need to do is add stitching and grommets to a towel, and voila! You have a hanging organizer that will keep your tools corralled.
  • What can you use a baking cooling rack for? Well, for one, you can hang it on the wall, pop some “S” hooks on it, and hang whatever you want to remove from the surface of your desk!
  • If you use pens, pencils, highlights and such on a regular basis, look for some small metal flower pots with a that you can suspend from your wall.
  • There’s nothing worse than getting completely organized with a file holder, only to walk by and knock it off your desk. Look for door-mounted plate holders and put them on your wall to hold your folders.

Stephenville home owners know why this is such a fantastic place to call home. If you’re interested in learning more about available properties, please contact our team of local real estate agents. We would love to help you find the Stephenville home of your dreams!

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