North Dallas Nonprofits Reduce Homeless Population

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The community of North Dallas has worked hard to reduce the homeless population and take care of local residents in need, and the sense of community spirit is shared by Stephenville home owners who organize in local nonprofits to volunteer in outreach programs. According to a recent article in Pegasus News, the homeless population in Dallas has dropped by 3%, which is a testament to the success of grass-roots organizations.

Local shelters are staffed by volunteers from the community, and provide food, healthcare and housing to reduce homeless in the Dallas area. Many efforts are aimed at preventing homelessness in the first place, and volunteers are working toward providing a greater array of youth programs and technical training classes to locals looking for shelter and work.

The Austin Street shelter is one of the most well-known places of refuge for the homeless population in North Dallas. The shelter provides housing to more than 350 people, and does not impose requirements on people looking for shelter. Its open-door policy has made it an important community fixture, and Stephenville home owners are working toward instituting similar programs and facilities in the city.

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