New Stephenville Home Decor Consignment Shop Opens

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Jill Francis is a big fan of second chances. That’s why the owner of Second Impression Interiors recently opened a consignment shop for home goods. In a way, the story has an ironic twist. Jill found herself unemployed after being laid off from a teaching job two years ago, so opening Second Impression Interiors was a second chance for her to reinvent herself.

She adds, “This whole last year was trying to figure out, ‘Now what?’ At home, I redo things all of the time. I move furniture around all of the time. I repaint things; go to flea markets and garage sales. I’d buy old pieces that are junk to most people and redo them. My mom was on the cutting edge of consignment. She opened a consignment store for clothing in Dallas 40 years ago, and it was a huge success. And I worked for her for a long time.”

After a trip to Albuquerque where she visited some consignment stores, Francis had the idea for her home decor consignment shop. She acknowledges that many of us like to redo things in our Stephenville homes often because we become bored or tired with what we’ve chosen. Garage sales can be a good option, but you usually end up losing money on large pieces of furniture. Now, Stephenville residents can take the items they no longer want to fetch a good price.

“The buyer wants to be able to find different things at a good price. Now there’s a place in Stephenville where we can do all of that. People can bring things for consignment and get more value for what they have, and shoppers can find different things.”

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Original Source: Stephenville Empire Tribune

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