Negotiating a Stephenville Real Estate Transaction

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Erath County homeThere are a lot of factors that play into the negotiation of the purchase or sale of a Stephenville, Texas home. Market conditions, leverage, finances and other details are going to determine most of the aspects of your home purchase or sale. Here are some things to look out for when going through a Stephenville real estate transaction:

  • According to the Gibson Law Firm, a real estate law expert based out of Los Angeles, market conditions are a huge factor in a home sale. If you’re in a “buyers’ market,” then market conditions are going to be more favorable for someone about to purchase a home and vice versa. When possible, it’s best to move with the market (that is, buy in a buyers’ market and sell in a sellers’ market) to ensure that you’re getting the best deal. Buying in a buyers’ market will yield a lower home price and likely a lower mortgage rate so you can save some money in your Stephenville real estate transaction process. Selling in a sellers’ market will ensure that you’re getting the most money out of your home when you sell it.
  • Another thing to consider is who is in a position of power in the transaction. Are you selling because you lost your job or are up against a moving deadline and the buyer is aware? If so, the buyer is going to have the upper-hand in negotiations. On the flip side, if you’re in a bidding war for a home, the buyer is going to sit back and sell to the highest bidder. It’s always wise to maintain the upper-hand in your Stephenville real estate negotiations to make sure you get the best deal.
  • Being pre-approved for a home is going to dramatically increase your chances of a seller negotiating with you. Pre-approved home buyers are less of a risk than home buyers that have not already been pre-approved for a loan because it’s unclear whether they’ll have the financial backing to complete the sale. Also, make sure you consult a qualified real estate agent before making any decisions.

For additional guidance through your Stephenville, Texas real estate transaction, please feel free to give us a call. We are professionals with local experience and we’d be happy to help find the Erath County dream home that’s right for you.

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