Moving To-Do List For Every New Homeowner

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Moving in Erath CountyA month before your move, make sure to change your address with both your local post office and with the IRS. If you are looking to hire moving professionals for the big day, make sure to contact them ahead of time. If you are planning on doing the moving yourself, make reservations for a moving truck. In addition, transfer any required medical records you may need and try to obtain referrals to qualified doctors in your area. Also, make sure to update your insurance policies and cancel your magazine and newspaper subscriptions as well as you telephone, cable and internet services.


A few weeks before your move, make sure you set a date for the cancellation of your utility service. This should typically be the day before or day of your actual move. Take note to obtain packing materials such as markers, boxes and tape. If you have pets or children, make sure they will be traveling separately and arrange for that travel. It is also recommended that you begin packing and labeling your things for the move.


A week prior to your move, check in with the moving company you have hired or the moving truck you set aside on reserve. Take important documents with you on your person and transfer any open bank accounts that may need transferring. Make sure to also send out change-of-address cards to friends and family, and clean your previous home before leaving.


The day before your move, make sure to have bottled water on hand for the individuals who will be helping you move. Also, make sure to set aside a box of packed items that you will be needing immediately such as toiletries and clothes.


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