Morgan Mill, Texas

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Morgan Mill is one of several small-town communities located in Erath County, Texas. Erath County is in Central Texas about 1.5 hours from Waco, 2.5 hours from Austin, 2 hours from Dallas and 3.5 hours from San Antonio. Morgan Mill real estate lies on the North Paluxy River, a tributary of the more commonly known Brazos River.


Morgan Mill was home to the corn and wheat mill starting in 1874 when M.C. Laughlin and J. R. Billingsley moved it there. Another important man in the history of Morgan Mill was Criss Brooks who opened the very first store in 1876. More popular, however, is the four-time world champion Bull Rider, Tuff Hedemen who actually lives in Morgan Mill as of late. In 1877, George Morgan bought an interest in the mill and then the post office was established. The name, originally Morgan’s Mill after George Morgan, was changed to Morgan Mill in 1892, dropping the ‘s. By the early 20th century, Morgan Mill was a small trading center. The community has drawn retirees and residents who commute to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and want to live in a quiet and rural bedroom community.


If you own horses, most available Morgan Mill homes are accommodating with barns, stocks and several acres of land. Morgan Mill real estate is very horse friendly and spacious for families both big and small. You can find gorgeous homes for sale in Morgan Mill on hundreds of acres seated at high points of elevation for the best views in town.


Stephenville is located nearby — only fifteen miles away, and this is where most food and entertainment in the area resides. Some yummy places to eat in and around Stephenville include Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, Let’s Eat, Castillo’s Rio Grande Café, The Agave Bar and Grill, Hard-Eight Barbeque and Golden Chick. Stephenville is also home to Big Lots, HEB, Walmart and the local movie theater, Cinemark Cinema 6. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop tacos are extremely tasty and affordable. This isn’t just any taco shop. It’s unique with a wide variety of options for tacos, nachos, jumbo burritos, quesadillas and more. Let’s Eat is a popular spot for fresh food like steak, duck, creamy potatoes and candied pork belly. The unique thing about Let’s Eat is that there is one chef who does all of the cooking. Don’t let that scare you away, though! Everyone gets to watch his amazing cooking skills as he makes some of the best food in town, and all of the food comes out in such a timely fashion because this chef knows his cooking and moves with an amazing flow. You won’t be disappointed. Hard-Eight Barbeque will put you in a food coma! This place serves some of the best barbeque in the metroplex (Dallas-Fort Worth metro). Golden Chick is a popular Texas fast-food joint that sells delicious chicken, rolls, special sauce, fries, salad, veggies, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes and more. Golden Chick almost never disappoints. The rolls are sweet and the chicken is tender and full of flavor. It’s a great spot to stop by when you’re on the go. Luckily Stephenville is right down the road, so it feels like you’re just driving into your own town to grab a bite or run a few errands.

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