Money-Saving Tips to Brighten Up Your Home Entrance

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Cara Greenberg of recently provided an informative piece on how to improve foyers for under $100. There are twelve areas in which one can improve the foyer to both assist you as the home owner and present a welcoming vista to your guests:

  • Wall Color: white is the typical choice because it creates an illusion of expanded space but bold colors are an exciting and unexpected choice for an area that you and your guests will be only be passing through. Colors such as orange, red and teal, along with washable paint to remove scuffs are viable options. However, one suggestion is to keep the ceiling white regardless of wall color. A gallon or two should run less than $40.
  • Flooring: yes, ceramic or marble are nice, but self-adhesive vinyl can be set down pretty quickly and cost less than 70 cents per 1 foot x 1 foot square. Plus they are easy to clean. Colors should complement those in the main living spaces of the home.
  • Room Dividers: if there is no foyer in your home, you can create one with some kind of divider, which can be either a foldable screen, bookshelf or plant holder to create an impression of separation. None should set you back more than $40.
  • Shoe Shelf: for no more than $7, you set up a small shelf for wet or muddy shoes to help delineate the purpose of the space and encourage cleanliness throughout the house.
  • Bench: in conjunction with the shoe shelf, a cheap but decorate sitting area to remove one’s shoes is a smart idea and can be found online or in any reputable thrift store.
  • Key Rack: a useful amenity that encourages every member of the family to safekeep the various keys for home and auto. No more wasting time searching for keys. $12.
  • Coat Hooks: not just for coats but hats, bike helmets, scarves. Set up at least one foot down from the ceiling. $20.
  • Umbrella Stand: a nice addition which helps keep water off the floor. $25.
  • End Table: if there is room, a pretty table can set up the space nicely. A small, soft light adds tremendous warmth. $25 – $75.
  • Cubby Holes: if there’s no room for a table, a few blocks for shoes or books can lend personality to the space. $10 – $12.
  • Mirror: reflects light and adds the impression of space. $30.
  • Lighting: very important and can enliven the space. $50

The tips are organized with design appeal and functionality in mind. Since first impressions are sometimes the only impressions that matter, we found her recommendations to be particularly helpful for our prospective home buyers in Stephenville and Erath County. We routinely like to pass along these tips as a value add to our real estate expertise. If you’d like to hear a few more, just give us a call!

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