Making Your Stephenville Home Tech-Savvy

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Erath County homes for saleBoosting curb appeal on your Stephenville home is one thing, but what about when you actually get buyers in the house? One of the most prominent trends of recent, especially for Milennials and other such young, tech-savvy couples, is making homes into “smart homes.” This involves the incorporation of all sorts of new-age devices that will not only make your home more interesting to potential Stephenville homebuyers, but could also improve its market price. Here are a few devices that have been rocking the home technology sector recently:

1. The Nest Thermostat: Invented by the same guy who invented the iPod, the Nest is amazing in that as you set it for certain temperatures at certain times, it gradually gets to know exactly how you want your house to be conditioned throughout the course of the day. And it has the awesome feature of acting like a chameleon and changing its color to blend into the walls of your Stephenville home. These go for about $250.

2. Roku 2: Have you had trouble using multiple cables to hook up computers to your TV? For those who aren’t the most tech-savvy but want all their streaming TV options, including shows and movies from Netflix and Hulu accounts, the Roku 2 is an extremely user-friendly device that you can pick up for under $60.

3. iRobot Roomba 790: Do you like the idea of never really having to vacuum your home again? Once it gets to know your home, the IRobot Roomba acts like an electronic maid, whirring around your abode and cleaning up every last dust mite. And if it ever gets tired, it’s smart enough to know how to just coast back to its recharging station and chill out to re-power. You can pick one up for under $700.

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